Born and raised in South West London, Ben Stinson is a pop singer-songwriter with a distinctive sound reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi. With over 300 songs written to date, he is as hard-working as he is friendly; be prepared to smile and laugh at his live shows.

Among his career highlights, Ben cites playing at world-famous venues such as The Half Moon Putney and The Spice of Life, and working with renowned industry figure Yoad Nevo.

Ben has written with exciting musicians from various backgrounds, including Australia’s up and coming star, Jarrod Jeremiah, Switzerland’s Clark S and Yorkshire’s very own Anya Goel.

‘Breathe’, Ben’s most recent release, is a song with a great story behind it. After a fan (and keen singer) came up to Ben after a set and told him how well the song described her current situation, Ben invited her to sing harmonies on the track with him, which can be heard in the climax of the song.

Ben Stinson performing live

Recent Releases

Ben Stinson’s most recent release, ‘Breathe’, is a song with a great story behind it. After a fan (and keen singer) told Ben how much the song meant to them after seeing it live for the first time, Ben included their vocals in the track!

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The Ed-Sheeran-influenced ‘Change Colour’ is Ben Stinson’s most recent release. Mixed and mastered by Yoad Nevo, it lyrically captures the hopelessness experienced after a first heartbreak.

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Ben Stinson’s second release, ‘High Off Heaven’, has a sound reminiscent of some of Lewis Capaldi’s biggest hits. A very personal song to Ben, it describes the rediscovery of happiness following a difficult period.

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Ben Stinson performing live

Ben Stinson holding his guitar next to a small child
Ben Stinson with his guitar outdoors in winter
Ben Stinson performing live